What is (m8n)ware?

We develop technology to solve difficult knowledge-related problems.

We are a global network of research engineers that have substantial experience in the domain of problems that require large-scale data and knowledge processing, machine learning, building perception- and cognition-related applications.

The name (m8n)ware is an abbreviation of meditationware.

Our Value Proposition

Our primary focus is creating technology, tools, and data to solve ever more complex problems related to automated cognition and intelligence. The artifacts of this work are delivered either in an open-source/open-access form (if it is funded by us or some benevolent entities) or directly to our clients.

In a nutshell, we can help you develop ML- or NLP-enabled solutions in the following way:

We plan our work in stages — 1-2 months each — that are expected to be documented, integrated, and accepted before moving on to the next one. The main value to you is access to high-quality low-risk (in terms of time and allocated resources) advanced R&D services without the need to grow/expand an in-house team. Although, obviously, we can as well complement the efforts of the in-house R&D team and help its growth.

If you're interested in cooperating with us, please, write to mailto:info@m8nware.com