(m8n)ware is founded by Vsevolod Dyomkin and is currently a loosely coupled geographically-distributed group of Lisp hackers.

Join us

We are always inviting research engineers (i.e. researchers, engineers, and those in-between :) with deep knowledge and affection for their craft.

The main qualifications are a desire to solve complex knowledge-related problems, primarily using Lisp, and experience of doing just that or related things.

Our preference of Lisp doesn't mean that we don't utilize other programming languages in our work, but Lisp will always remain a first-class citizen, which means that you should be able to understand it, work with it at least in a limited capacity (and be interested in learning more), and not just tolerate, but appreciate such situation.

Our central location is Kyiv, Ukraine, but we don't have any restrictions or preferences regarding your location and are ready to work with people across the globe.

Our projects keep coming, but so far, there are no specific roles we want to hire for. Rather, it's an opportunity to join more as a partner that an employee.

If you're interested, you should write to mailto:vs@m8nware.com.

Our values

These principles constitute the basis of our future mutual understanding and productive cooperation, so you've got to share them to be happy working with us. Also, we're not willing to compromise them even for the sake of higher profits, faster growth, better market position or achieving other popular measures of company success. The ultimate success of this company will be in making its employees and customers happy.

More justification and discussion of these values may be found in a blog post "The Technology Company Case."